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Product & Orders

How to Place Order

To place an order on our website you have to:

a. creat an account with us and login into it; 
b. choose the products you want to buy and click on "inquiry now";
c. after finishing the shopping, click on “proceed to checkout”;
d. confirm your delivery address, choose one of our shipping methods, click on “place a order”

After the order has been placed you will receive an email from us with the order you just placed and with the instructions for the payment. Please read it carefully.

e. choose one of our methods of payment.
f. after your payment, please go to “ my account”  to send us the receipt copy and click “ complete order now”.

Any questions of payments, please click "payment".

Please note that our magnetic stripe card readers are intended to be used for legal purposes only. Even though our magnetic card readers can be used as a debit or credit card reader and can read any type of magnetic stripe bank cards, We will not sell them to be used as debit or credit card skimmers. Before buying from us please read our Terms and Conditions.




Product & Orders


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